Transport Assessment

The key transportation input to a planning submission is likely to be the undertaking of a transport assessment, resulting in either a full Transport Assessment report or a simplified Transport Statement. In undertaking a transport assessment, issues needing to be considered and reported upon may include:

  • site access strategy;
  • access / highway improvements;
  • adherence to relevant highway standards;
  • parking provision, location and layout;
  • servicing and emergency access;
  • vehicle swept path analysis;
  • site accessibility;
  • development sustainability;
  • derivation of existing traffic flows / conditions;
  • traffic growth & committed development;
  • vehicular and multi-modal trip generation;
  • traffic distribution and assignment;
  • junction modelling;
  • traffic impact analysis;
  • highway safety, including accident analysis; and
  • transport planning policy.

A transport assessment might determine that in order to make development acceptable, certain transport mitigation measures may be required. Such mitigation might be in respect of:

  • vehicular access;
  • traffic calming;
  • highway safety;
  • highway capacity;
  • pedestrian / cycle infrastructure;
  • public transport infrastructure / services; and
  • travel planning.

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